Welcoming our New VP Sales, Peter Larsén

Philip Hallenborg
Philip Hallenborg
Jul 6, 2020 10:00:00 AM


On most journeys in life you need energy. For many at ZealiD it comes from within. From a belief that the impossible is achievable, that the nay-sayers are stepping stones to the yes-sayers, and that only fear can trigger the courage needed to be brave and build the future. Sometimes we find that same energy in others.

We are proud to announce that Peter Larsén has joined ZealiD as Vice President Sales and will head up all commercial and marketing activities at ZealiD. Peter comes from a stellar career with industry leaders like Booz Allen, EF.com, Tele2. And perhaps more importantly, Peter has founded a company and done what few dare to do - search for scalable business models under extreme uncertainty.

Peter’s energy is much needed at a crucial time of scaling for ZealiD. Welcome onboard Peter!

Philip Hallenborg, Founder