An easy qualified electronic signature

Electronic signature with Evidos

  • Fully integrated qualified electronic signature in the Evidos platform
  • Streamlined signing cycles that last minutes, not days
  • Easy and smooth workflow via the Evidos portal, app, and API
zealid and evidos
Enjoy easy QES integration in evidos

Safe e-signing and smooth user experience

QES provided by ZealiD and Evidos brings the best of both worlds. It’s easy to use, legally binding, and fully compliant with relevant EU regulations. 

ZealiD remote signing tools

How does it work?

Full ZealiD integration is available on the Evidos platform. To activate QES in your Evidos Signhost package, simply reach out to our customer success department of Evidos. They will activate ZealiD signing tools on your account.

How does identification work?

Delight your users with instant self-service registration based in our app:

  1. Download the ZealiD app or select the identification option inside your service
  2. Register your device with a phone number and an email address
  3. Do a liveness check by taking a selfie
  4. Capture your ID document
  5. Check your details and sign the agreement
What do you need as a sender of the document and as a signer?

A Signhost package from Evidos and the ZealiD app

How to sign a document in Evidos?


How ZealiD suits Financial Services
Integrated identification you can rely on
ZealiD powered by evidos

Have your documents signed qualified in 4 steps:

  1. You upload your PDF file(s) to Evidos, you select the recipient(s) and you select ZealID as an extra verification method.
  2. You send your document for signature via your website, email, WhatsApp or API.
  3. The signer receives the signing request, clicks on the link to view the document and signs with his ZealID app by following the ZealID verification steps. The agreement now includes a qualified electronic signature.
  4. Evidos records the entire process on a transaction receipt for the right evidential value. Evidos sends you and the signer(s) the qualified signed document and the transaction receipt.

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