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Revolutionize your workforce experience by offering the leading regulated identity and qualified esignature. And an identity wallet that is seamlessly integrated with esigning, human capital, and identity and access management providers.

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"Thank you Philip Hallenborg and team [ZealiD] for deepening our partnership with Adobe and ZealiD to enable further digital transformation in our HR processes in the EU.”

Phil Gillingham
General Manager, 
HR Service Delivery at Microsoft


Microsoft is experiencing strong growth and they are expanding workforce in many regions, often remote. They partner closely with Adobe on esigning and document cloud. Adobe is a ZealiD resale partner. 


Microsoft has high requirements for employee experience for new employees. Taking a conservative stance on compliance, Microsoft needs compliant esignatures and high-assurance technology for HR use cases.


Adobe proposed ZealiD, Adobe’s integrated identity solution, that allows Microsoft to onboard and esign a new EU employee in minutes with high assurance qualified esignatures. Plug’n play in Acrobat Sign, ZealiD was a cost effective and easy to buy product from Adobe and a solution that covers all present and future regions. Implementation was a matter of instant activation. Roll-out started with four countries second half of 2023.


Microsoft now offer a state of the art, compliant, remote and user friendly experience. Growing it across countries and HR processes.

Excellent employee experience achieved

Compliant (eIDAS) in all EU: significant risk reduction

Reduction agreement signing 10 days to 10 minutes

Onboarding cost reduction of €30-40 per new employee

Future steps

Microsoft, Adobe and ZealiD are working to enable further HR use cases by allowing for Microsoft and other partner’s verified credentials to be exchanged over ZealiD app/ wallet.

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