Public Tenders & Submissions

Ensure you never miss a deadline or risk disqualification on technicalities by leveraging ZealiD qualified signatures. Note that all public tenders in the EU will mandate the use of a qualified signature.

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DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a leading European law firm. The Nordic arm of DLA is a DocuSign and ZealiD Customer.


For an increasing amount of agreements, DLA Piper needs to secure high assurance qualified signatures. This includes but is not limited to employees and corporate directors across multiple regions signing commercial agreements, company administration and public submissions.


DocuSign and ZealiD ship a state-of-the-art qualified esignature experience that allows for simple, fast and cost effective high assurance esigning across regions.


Excellent user experience achieved

QeS for lawyers, employees and clients

Significant reduction in complexity

Cost saving €20 per signature

Future steps

ZealiD working to expand use cases and solution fit for legal segment.

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