ZealiD is designed for you

Get your own digital identity and signature. Valid in all EU memberstate courts of law and public authorities. Register, sign-in and sign contracts with ZealiD App and

  • Touch or Face ID

  • Accepted in all of EU


How does the registration process work?

It's easy to get your qualified electronic signature using the ZealiD app. Check this detailed guide.

All you need to do is a simple few steps:

  1. Download the ZealiD app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Register your phone
  3. Perform a liveness check 
  4. Capture your document
  5. Check your details and sign the agreement!

Signing documents with the ZealiD app

Your ZealiD app contains your personal digital signature. Legally accepted in all EU member states.

HubSpot Video
How to sign a document in My ZealiD?

My.zealid is a platform where you can upload and sign documents with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). Check the step by step guide on how to successfully sign a document in My ZealiD



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How to sign a document in DocuSign?
There are two ways to sign a document in the DocuSign:
  1. Sending a document for signing
  2. Receiving a document for signing

The following guide will provide you with information on how to sign a document
in the DocuSign platform using the ZealiD e-signature. Or you can also check the video guide below:


How to sign a document in Evidos?



ZealiD will:

  • Be honest and transparent
  • Work hard to improve your experience
  • Do everything imaginable to protect your personal data
  • Never transfer your personal data without your active consent
  • Do right when we've done wrong

Frequently Asked Questions - ZealiD users

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