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The ZealiD app sets the gold standard by providing high assurance digital signatures, adhering to EU/eIDAS and global standards, and meeting government supervisory requirements. ZealiD is integrated with major cloud agreement and signature platforms such as Adobe, Docusign, and Entrust.

Illustration of a signed document and Adobe Acrobat Sign, DocuSign, Entrust logos Illustration of a signed document and Adobe Acrobat Sign, DocuSign, Entrust logos

Portrait of Robert Swaak Portrait of Robert Swaak

ABN Amro

"We are building a future-proof bank, digital by design… Our business clients can now sign their credit and guarantee documentation digitally with ZealiD, a provider of qualified electronic signatures and a partner of ABN AMRO.”

Robert Swaak
CEO @ABN Amro, 
Message from ABN Amro 2022 Q2 report


ABN-AMRO Bank is a leading global bank. It is one of the leading banks in digital service provisioning and migrating core bank services to the digital space across the EU and more.


ABN-AMRO is migrating 70+ processes related to credit and guarantees for commercial B2B banking to electronic esigning. Employees need to esign with the highest assurance esignature so that the integrity of the balance sheet (credit) is safe guarded. The customer counter signature also needs to be qualified.


Entrust Dutch subsidiary Evidos proposed ZealiD, Entrust’s integrated identity solution, that allows ABN-AMRO to onboard and esign a new credit or guarantee agreement in minutes with high assurance qualified esignatures. Plug’n play in Entrust’s Evidos platform, ZealiD was a cost effective and easy to buy product from Entrust and a solution that covers all present and future regions. Implementation was a matter of instant activation. Roll-out started 2022.


ABN-AMRO Bank now offers a state of the art, compliant, remote and user friendly experience. Growing it across countries, employees, and customers.

Excellent employee & customer experience

Compliant (eIDAS) in all EU: significant risk reduction in the Balance sheet

Reduction in agreement signing 14 days to 10 minutes

Cost reduction of €50 per agreement and time saving cost

Future steps

Further role out of ABN-AMRO subsidiaries across EU. And credit and employee esigning-related processes.

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