Future proof KYC

Remote identity verification solution

  • EU wide KYC compliance
  • Reliable fraud prevention
  • Excellent user experience
  • Available as API/SDK or a separate app
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Integrated identification you can rely on
Feel at ease with ZealiD remote identity verification

API/SDK integration or a ZealiD app

Fast and flexible integration is at the core of our mission. Supplying reusable identity with a qualified, eIDAS compliant certificate, we offer full API/SDK integration inside your service. Alternatively, we provide an app-based platform that is reliable and user-friendly. In both cases, full AML-KYC compliance comes first.

ZealiD identity platform

Reusable identity for extended use

Staying compliant and user-friendly in KYC can be tricky. Combining AI and manual identity verification, ZealiD delivers the best of both worlds - and more. Reusable identity with eIDAS qualified certificate is a universal tool that will empower your users, supporting their digital journeys outside of your service.

E-signing and Authentication
Seamless registration 2
Scale your business

Excellent user experience

Our digital onboarding takes less than 3 minutes, showing an 85% success rate among first-time users. All they need to do is download the ZealiD app, register their device, take a selfie and capture their identity document. ZealiD will do the rest, whether it's our app or API/SDK integration in your service.

ZealiD qualified certificate 

Wide coverage and validity

ZealiD supports over 150 documents for identity verification. Those include ID cards, passports and residence permits issued in and outside of EU. If your business requires more specific ID cards or passports - don't worry, we've got you covered! We can custom-configure any ID document with our proprietary technology if they meet  security requirements. 

Global coverage and validity
Feel at ease with the ZealiD remote identification 

How does it work?

The days of tacky face-to-face identification are over. Delight your users with instant self-service registration based in our app.

  1. Download the ZealiD app or select the identification option inside your service
  2. Register your device with a phone number and an email address
  3. Do a liveness check by taking a selfie
  4. Capture your ID document
ZealiD registration process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZealiD?


The legal relationship with ZealiD


How do you perform a liveness check?

We ask users to be physically present when registering. We use advanced machine technology to check liveliness and extract a user photo. Check the documentation.

How do you perform identity verification?


Does data collected during KYC go in line with the GDPR?


What countries and documents ZealiD covers?


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