“All global citizens need a personal qualified certificate. ZealiD’s job is to make it happen. Simply, safely and cost effectively.”

Philip Hallenborg, CEO & Founder at ZealiD

About ZealiD

  • ZealiD is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider notified to the EU trusted list.
  • ZealiD abides to an information security policy based on eIDAS qualified trust services, eIDAS designated ETSI standards and state-of-the-art EU regulation on remote identification.
  • ZealiD is authorized by and under supervision of the Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority, and the Swedish Integrity Protection Authority.
  • Trust services are hosted off cloud in the EU and compliance with regulation, standards and policy is assessed yearly by leading accredited eIDAS conformity assessment body SRC Security GmbH.
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Our values

We strive for equality and diversity

We value team members with diverse backgrounds and oppose all discrimination due to culture, gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion and belief, disability, nationality. The diversity of our people is an important foundation of our culture and builds a workplace where everyone can contribute with unique experiences, perspectives and cultures. 

We believe in the power of our people

In letting people lead, create, perform and above all make mistakes. And that we need a diverse, equal opportunity environment that promotes our differences because we are convinced that our products and services will be better accepted by global citizens if they can see themselves in the product. 

We operate safely and securely

We strive to provide all our employees with a safe and secure working environment and to minimize risks to our core assets, information, integrity, reputation and brand. We never share sensitive information and we handle our own and all our users & stakeholders information with confidentiality and integrity. We follow internal IT security policies and routines. 

We live and breathe transparency

With transparency we can be ourselves and remain authentic in our relationship to all our stakeholders. With authenticity and transparency we can excel in building trust with our users and relying parties. In a friendly and accessible tone of voice.

ZealiD in numbers


Languages we speak


Different nationalities 


Are women


Offices in Stockholm and Vilnius


"I am coming from the educational area, and started working in Tech only a few years ago. ZealiD has opened to me the door to an infinite path of growing and exceeding my skills. I love working here, I am guided and constantly trained and have gained a vast expertise on Trusted Services. At ZealiD, women are considered, we are in leading positions, I am surrounded by great role models- this shows a big trust in our creativity and in our skills."

Katerina Gaitanoglou,

Sales Development Manager

Dmitry Yezepchik

“I like the atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect at ZealiD. It's valuable when other team members consider your opinion. And of course I like the vast field for actions and vast amount of possibilities on the project."

Dmitry Yezepchik,

Senior Developer


"I got a job while I was still a student and did an internship here. After graduation, I decided to stay without hesitation. I have never met such warm people who are always ready to help when needed. Since our company is international, it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to communicate with colleagues from different cultures. I am lucky to have the smartest, brightest, and most talented people working here."

Egle Daumantaite,

Identity Operations Specialist


"ZealiD is filled with great minds that all contribute to the mission in their own way. There is a high degree of individual freedom and flexibility. And we are big believers in diversity - boasting many languages, educational and ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and gender. The organisation is flat and we try to keep a clear path between the role, defined by clear OKRs, and the necessary empowerment for everyone to make their mark within their team, and setting. As a provider of trust services, we create trust internally by practising transparency and authenticity. Always looking to interact in an informal way with humour and fun."

Philip Hallenborg,

Founder and CEO


“Find work that is interesting to you, innovative technologies, smart people around. It will provide new opportunities, incite curiosity and accelerate personal growth instead of sinking into everyday routine.”

Aleksandr Vukolov,

System Administrator / CICD Specialist

Silvia Keerd

“I joined ZealiD to improve my technical knowledge on Test Automation and get experience in the start-up environment. After being a Zeal for 6 months, I am glad to say that I 100% believe in the product we are building, the focus on quality and professionalism is outstanding. We have a good team, people with very different backgrounds, all kind-hearted, warm and fun.”

Silvia Keerd,

QA Specialist

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Join us on our mission to revolutionize the way the world signs! 

We are travellers, explorers and problem solvers. Security geeks, creators and innovators! We enjoy each other's company, we learn and discover technologies together. We’re obsessed about the professional growth, and dear heavens we love our product!

Our team is full of awesome people, and we'd love for you to be one of them. Want to come on board? Currently, we're looking for:

Reach out to us at jobs@zealid.com