“All global citizens need a personal qualified certificate. ZealiD’s job is to make it happen. Simply, safely and cost effectively.”

Philip Hallenborg  | CEO & Founder at ZealiD

We take your identity personally

Our vision is to empower citizens to control their digital self.

Our mission is to provide every online user with a legally recognized identity and signature. A very personal expression of a user’s will and identity in document signing, registration and authentication.

Accessible via the ZealiD app and providing a new best in class digital state for users: perform the most important and sensitive interactions online with ZealiD App using Touch or Face ID.

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Our values

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and inclusive work environment for all and uphold high standards of ethics, responsibility and acceptance. 

We strive for equality and diversity

We value team members with diverse backgrounds and oppose all discrimination due to culture, gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion and belief, disability, nationality. The diversity of our people is an important foundation of our culture and builds a workplace where everyone can contribute with unique experiences, perspectives and cultures. 

We operate safely and securely

We strive to provide all our employees with a safe and secure working environment and to minimize risks to our core assets, information, integrity, reputation and brand. We never share sensitive information and we handle our own and all our users & stakeholders information with confidentiality and integrity. We follow internal IT security policies and routines. 

We believe in the power of our people

In letting people lead, create, perform and above all make mistakes. And that we need a diverse, equal opportunity environment that promotes our differences because we are convinced that our products and services will be better accepted by global citizens if they can see themselves in the product. 

We live and breathe transparency

With transparency we can be ourselves and remain authentic in our relationship to all our stakeholders. With authenticity and transparency we can excel in building trust with our users and relying parties. In a friendly and accessible tone of voice.

Join us on our mission to revolutionize the way the world signs! 

We are travellers, explorers and problem solvers. Security geeks, creators and innovators! We enjoy each other's company, we learn and discover technologies together. We’re obsessed about the professional growth, and dear heavens we love our product!

Our team is full of awesome people, and we'd love for you to be one of them. Want to come on board? Currently we're looking for:

Reach out to us at jobs@zealid.com