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Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

ZealiD offers one of the most secure and cost-effective advanced signature solutions in the market.

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Zealid advanced electronic signature

ZealiD advanced signatures are based on qualified certificates:

  • ZealiD advanced signatures are based on qualified certificates
  • Qualified trust service providers are under authorization and supervisory body supervision
  • ZealiD qualified certificates can be validated against EU trusted list
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Zealid advanced electronic signature

ZealiD has certified its remote signature creation devices:

  • The integrity of the e-signing device (The ZealiD app) is certified to the highest level qualified
  • The registration (identity verification) and signing device is the same service (The ZealiD app)
  • The ZealiD app qualified authentication certificate is used for advanced signing guaranteeing highest security in signing
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Zealid advanced electronic signature

ZealiD identity proofing is EU state of the art:

  • ZealiD uses registration that are certified to state of the art national (German) remote identification legislation
  • ZealiD identity verification service is certified by TüvIT - EU's leading IT security and eIDAS conformity assessment body
  • ZealiD registration costs are some of the lowest in the industry bringing costs down significantly for advanced signing
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About Zealid

A technology you can trust

ZealiD is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider specialising in issuing Secure Electronic Signatures - Qualified Electronic Signatures. These are recognised within EU Member States as legally binding.

ZealiD is certified as a Registration Authority, meaning that we provide remote identification services. 

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A secure electronic signature is the same as a qualified electronic signature and if you want to sign documents in a quick and eIDAS compliant way you have to use secure electronic signature. Secure electronic signature provider