Remote identification and e-signature

Electronic signature solution for legal

  • Accepted by all EU national courts of law
  • A must have solution for paper replacement
  • Ensures long term authenticity and validation
Feel at ease with ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Benefits for legal departments

Our electronic signature solution for legal departments and law firms is designed to meet client expectations head-on. It allows faster agreement processing and saves money, ensuring full security and privacy every step of the way.


Fully remote signing

Interact with the EU's public authorities and courts online. Delight your clients with quick remote signing and simple identity verification - all in line with full legal compliance. Documents signed with qualified signatures can be validated from everywhere at any time.


Meet legal compliance

Our services meet legal requirements stated in a variety of legal acts. Adopt simple remote identification to limit risk in high-value contracts and match the newest AML-KYC regulations.


Future proof trust services

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, ZealiD takes full liability for compliance, identities and information security under EU authorization. Our services are designed to go hand in hand with regulatory updates.

Legal department challenges1
ZealiD qualified signature for solving legal department challenges

Legal department challenges

Servicing their users on a fully remote basis, legal departments often struggle to match regulatory compliance with a smooth and consistent user experience. Sliding away from a user-centric approach can lead to confusion and technical delays, causing disruptions and delays in the workflow.

Adopting digital tools to optimize legal services

How ZealiD serves legal departments

Approached by a legal services provider, we integrated ZealiD signing tools into a platform that they already knew and used. Without causing any disruptions in their workflow, this integration significantly shortened their signing cycles, all the while delivering a seamless user experience and maintaining the highest security standard. Learn more about the details:

Legal departments with the ZealiD

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of documents can be signed electronically?

Legal departments, like many other business units, are more and more using electronic signatures. Below are some practical examples of when you might use a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

  • Corporate bylaws
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Loan agreements
  • Employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Any other document
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What is an eIDAS qualified electronic signature?


Why and when do I need to use an eIDAS advanced or qualified signature?


What are the benefits of a qualified electronic signature?


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