Employee and customer KYC

Efficiently onboard remote employees or customers within minutes using the ZealiD App, which accommodates over 50 nationalities and supports 24 languages. This is made possible through the use of qualified certificates with liability coverage.

Illustration of a cellphone with a language list and biometric symbols Illustration of a cellphone with a language list and biometric symbols

An iPad with a view of DocuSign An iPad with a view of DocuSign


DocuSign is a leading provider of document and agreement cloud management including a leading digital esigning solution globally. DocuSign are a ZealiD resale partner.


DocuSign customers are more and more migrating to cloud and digital and need solutions for remote identification and KYC. DocuSign needed a product that could deliver extended data (ID document pictures etc) and also meet specific jurisdiction anti-money laundering requirements in Germany.


DocuSign worked with ZealiD to launch an extended high assurance signature (qualified signature) that met the requirements of KYC. The solution met the German Geldwäschegesetz (GwG) requirements on remote identification by combining a first transfer of money (“penny drop”) with a qualified signature.


Docusign has rolled out the joint product allowing DocuSign customers in Germany, especially in finance, to migrate to digital onboarding. Whether signatures are done by employees or customers, the same high assurance standard is used and deliver via DocuSign and ZealiD. 

Excellent user experience achieved

QeS with extended compliance German AML

Significant reduction from days to minutes for KYC

QeS as KYC reduces costs significantly for clients

Future steps

DocuSign and ZealiD are working closely to improve and expand offering and use cases.

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