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Real Employee Identity

Revolutionize your workforce experience by offering the leading regulated identity and qualified esignature. And an identity wallet that is seamlessly integrated with esigning, human capital, and identity and access management providers.

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High assurance esigning

The ZealiD app sets the gold standard by providing high assurance digital signatures, adhering to EU/eIDAS and global standards, and meeting government supervisory requirements. ZealiD is integrated with major cloud agreement and signature platforms such as Adobe, Docusign, and Entrust.

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Employee and customer KYC

Efficiently onboard remote employees or customers within minutes using the ZealiD App, which accommodates over 50 nationalities and supports 24 languages. This is made possible through the use of qualified certificates with liability coverage.

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Public Tenders & Submissions

Ensure you never miss a deadline or risk disqualification on technicalities by leveraging ZealiD qualified signatures. Note that all public tenders in the EU will mandate the use of a qualified signature.

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Identity Wallet

Employees and other users can use MyZealiD wallet to setup and control verified credentials. ZealiD manages identity verification and issues eIDAS regulated credentials. And then allows users to add and manage any verified credentials via e.g. Microsoft Entra. This allows enterprises to create state-of-the-art use cases in cross-domain environments. The future of employee experience delivered with MyZealiD Wallet and aligned with the future EUDI Wallet Architecture.

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A single solution for registration and signatures

Excellent user experience

Delight your users with an instant in-app self-service registration that eliminates time-consuming in-person identification or signing.

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Higher conversion and business velocity

Our digital onboarding takes less than 3 minutes, showing an 85% success rate among first-time users.

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Effective Risk Management

Be compliant in all EU member states with qualified signatures for document signing and for the fast emerging qualified KYC category.

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About ZealiD

  • ZealiD is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider notified to the EU trusted list.
  • ZealiD abides to an information security policy based on eIDAS qualified trust services, eIDAS designated ETSI standards and state-of-the-art EU regulation on remote identification.
  • ZealiD is authorized by and under supervision of the Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority, and the Swedish Integrity Protection Authority.
  • Trust services are hosted off cloud in the EU and compliance with regulation, standards and policy is assessed yearly by leading accredited eIDAS conformity assessment body SRC Security GmbH.

Learn more about ZealiD.

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Seamless registration

3 min sign up

Remote self-service registration to eIDAS qualified level in just 3 minutes.

Accepted in all of EU

Supporting more than 24 languages and more than 150 documents.

Easy signing

Smart signing using Face or Touch ID.

Robert Swaak

“We are building a future-proof bank, digital by design… Our business clients can now sign their credit and guarantee documentation digitally with ZealiD, a provider of qualified electronic signatures and a partner of ABN AMRO.”

Robert Swaak,

Message from CEO in Q2 2022 report

Stéphane Sabbague

"Paper procedures are a no-go for modern businesses with complicated signing journeys and long delays. It was time for us to go digital, and ZealiD came through with a user-friendly and simple solution that cut our signing cycles from weeks to just minutes ensuring the highest level of security."

Stéphane Sabbague,


ZealiD app user

“And in my case, the documents I have to send need to be taken there in person, to another city. An alternative option is to do it online with QES, but there are no QES issuers in my city, so I still need to take a trip to another city! Being able to complete my KYC online is literally the only way I can have everything sorted fast and smooth. So yes, I just wanted to express how impressed I am with ZealiD”

ZealiD App user

Zak Cassar Rose

"Following a challenging couple of weeks during which our previous TSP partner refused to accept the latest form of identity documents from Malta, it became crucial for us to locate a provider who could smoothly integrate it into our system.

I am pleased to report that Katerina and Typhanie were extremely helpful, highly professional, and responsive to my numerous phone calls over the course of a week. ZealiD offers a robust platform and a competitive pricing model, which, while it could be improved further, is among the finest in the industry."

Zak Cassar Rose

Director & COO at Binderr

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