ZealiD - your own identity


Today we are proud to announce a fundamental change to our company, product and offering. Following months of research we today launch our new brand and company name ZealiD. The Identiway brand name will not be used any further. Domains, email addresses and logos are being fully replaced as we speak.

There are two main drivers of this significant change:

1) ZealiD is pioneering a consumer first app based electronic identity and e-signature product based on remote on-boarding according to EU law. Embracing a new standard set by the EU eIDAS regulation, ZealiD is aiming at becoming the European leader in remote issuance of electronic signatures for KYC use.

2) As opposed to typical bank and security services, we want the consumer to connect with our product not only as a trust offering but as an integral extension of personality and emotion. The name Zeal comes from the word seal as in "a device to impress an emblem, used as a means of authentication..." and thereby links ZealiD to the world of digital identity.

But it also relates to the animal "seal". The link to the animal is designed to provide a living and relatable being with which our users can associate their emotional attachment to ZealiD. And hopefully some room for our users to embrace a serious and complex software product with a smile.

We are thrilled, happy, proud of this novel and bold move . We hope you will like it and welcome you to get your own ZealiD today.