CAB Certified for eIDAS Qualified Certificates and Remote Signing


ZealiD AB (Stockholm, Vilnius)

In May 2020, ZealiD successfully completed the certification of its QeID Service.

The QeID service is now certified by an eIDAS accredited CAB to the eiDAS and ETSI requirements for issuance of qualified certificates to natural persons and for use of qualified signature creation devices. ZealiD is awaiting the final grant of status as qualified trust service provider by its supervisory body. 

The QeID Service is the first of its kind because it resides in the ZealiD smartphone app together with ZealiD’s unique certified registration service.

Qualified signatures are valid in all member state courts, with all EU public authorities and meet all anti-money laundering remote identification requirements in EU member states.

ZealiD constitutes a paradigm shift in how signatures can be distributed to natural persons in the EU and elsewhere. With ZealiD, any natural person residing in one of 26 EU countries, can register in one of 21 languages, in just three minutes and then access their personal signature. For free.

ZealiD app brings true innovation to all things digital:

  • Simple for end users: register in three minutes with a bank account and an ID document. Winning touch or faceID interaction on registration, signing and authentication. Device and channel agnostic.
  • Simple and Cost Effective for companies: no more complex and costly solutions. Standards based, solid compliance foundation and proven infrastructure for digital services.
  • Secure: ZealiD is certified to the qualified level of eIDAS legislation, the most demanding IT security standards in the world (ETSI) and state-of-the-art remote identification in the EU.
  • Supervised: ZealiD is under the supervision of the Swedish Post and Telecoms authority, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

ZealiD is proud to be one step further on its mission to unlock the web for trusted users.