Compliance: why taking a user friendly route matters


As digitalization continues to move forward, more and more service providers jump aboard the remote train. It brings the freedom of choice to the user, but also builds competition on the market. On top of that, providers who deal with contracts and other legal commitments have to match compliance requirements.


Statistically, users are more likely to choose apps and services that their friends and relatives already use. But it's not the recommendations that make them stay. Ultimately, it comes down to good access and intuitive design - things that, at first sight, have nothing to do with formal requirements and regulations. Balancing the two is a hard nut to crack.


As a qualified trust service provider, ZealiD views compliance not as an end goal, but as a crucial foundation to build upon. Our goal is to tackle compliance in style, keeping it user-centric, business friendly, and future proof. That is an ambitious approach, but it benefits everyone involved, making remote services fully secure, efficient, and easy to use.


How does it translate into practice?


As a qualified trust service provider, ZealiD carries the responsibility of moving hand in hand with EU regulation. Doing so in a user-centric way benefits our business clients and their end users alike.


Quick onboarding and identity verification

Users can complete our fully remote, self-service registration in the ZealiD app at their own time. All it takes is an ID document and a smartphone Face or Touch ID. Using AI and manual vetting, we then check and verify users' identity with confidence - usually in a matter of minutes.


Signing with Qualified Electronic Signature

QES is the most secure form of e-signatures under eIDAS and is recognized as legally binding in all EU member states, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. In the ZealiD app, registered users can view and sign documents with QES in just seconds. It brings a new level of convenience to everyone involved. On top of that, QES carries universal value. Even if the user registers with ZealiD to sign a specific contract, their qualified certificate will be valid for 2 years, serving as a powerful tool for signing contracts with different service providers all over the EU. 


→  Streamlined signing cycles with no liability on the client

From a business point of view, having a fully remote signing setup through a trust service provider comes with practical and legal benefits. It makes signing completely paper-free, cutting the costs of shipping and any risk of lost or delayed documents. Both sides can send requests and respond to them very quickly, reducing the signing cycle from days to minutes. Signing with QES also reduces legal risks. As a trust service provider, ZealiD takes full liability for compliance, identities and information security under EU authorization.


Easy integration with other signing platforms

To allow smooth adoption of trust services and high onboarding success rates, ZealiD offers easy and quick integration with signing platforms that our clients already know and use. These include Docusign, Evidos, Adobe Acrobat Sign, and others.


Offering remote signing and identity verification tools that are fully compliant with state-of-the-art EU regulations gives our clients a strong competitive advantage. But as a young and ambitious company, we are also determined to drive change at a higher level. Being on the EU trusted list, ZealiD advocates consistent and clear regulations across the EU. We bring direct user feedback into the conversation with regulatory bodies, actively driving compliance policies forward to match industry trends/innovation and avoid gray areas. 


From an insider point of view, we see that the demand for compliance only grows - and so does ZealiD. “eIDAS 2.0 is just around the corner. Having a single European Digital ID Wallet in place will change the game for everyone, raising the bar for regulatory consistency in all EU member states. We are constantly watching industry changes and legislation development to prepare for what’s to come and go hand in hand with changes”, says ZealiD’s Compliance Manager Enrika Masalskienė.


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