First CAB certified eIDAS non-video registration


ZealiD AB (Stockholm, Vilnius)

In May 2020, TuviT successfully certified its Trusted Registration Authority Service (“TRA Service”) Service.

ZealiD is the first trust service provider globally to receive conformity assessment body (CAB) certification for a non-video based registration service that meets the eIDAS/ETSI qualified level (Note: ZealiD has not yet been granted status of qualified trust service provider).

With the launch of its TRA service, ZealiD demonstrates its leadership in remote registration to qualified eIDAS level by mirroring the most demanding ETSI requirements and state-of-the-art identification legislation requirements in the EU.

The TRA service is a machine assisted manual identity verification system that leverages the latest technology in open banking, machine liveness 3D encryption and dynamic machine analysis of identity documents.

As such ZealiD TRA Service, an integral part of the ZealiD app experience, marks a major breakthrough in how natural persons can be identified remotely to the highest level of esignatures and certificates in the EU and globally.

The TRA Service brings major benefits to the fast growing market for remote signing and digital onboarding. The TRA service:

  • is asynchronous and does not require a live video meeting. This improves the end user experience by increasing availability, reducing the sense of intrusiveness and shortening the time required (3 minutes of self-service).
  • slashes the cost involved for companies relying on digital business processes. With less than half the cost of a video conference, ZealiD enables many more use cases to rely on the best possible compliance and security foundation.
  • provides the first eIDAS certified identification system which uses PSD2 open banking access as one module of its system. ZealiD is an authorized account information service provider (AISP) and has production grade access to over 400 banks in the EU.
  • Sits inside ZealiD app together with ZealiD certificate issuing and remote signature creation capabilities. This allows the end user to access their own persistent esignature via touch or faceID.

ZealiD is proud to be one step further on its mission to unlock the web for trusted users.