TrustLynx and ZealiD Partner to Elevate Digital Trust Services


ZealiD is excited to announce a strategic partnership with TrustLynx, an Estonian-based trust services integration solutions provider. This collaboration aims to elevate the landscape of digital trust services, enhancing the security and reliability of online interactions for businesses and individuals.


"This partnership signifies a major step forward in our mission to make digital more secure and trusted by simplifying adoption of trust services for organizations and end-users." said Edgars Stafeckis, CEO of TrustLynx. "Using ZealiD, in just a few minutes users from all over the globe can obtain a trusted and recognized digital identity and e-signing method. For TrustLynx customers this means even further possibilities to introduce and expand digital services and operations without worrying if users will have the required identity and e-signing method.” 

Through this partnership, TrustLynx and ZealiD will leverage their collective strengths to provide advanced trust services, such as electronic signatures, to the end-users. This collaboration is especially timely as the demand for secure digital interactions continues to grow. 


"It was clear from the beginning that Trustlynx would be able to create a lot of innovation and good user journeys. Together, we can drive digitalisation not only for businesses but also for different levels of society. Trustlynx was a natural partner for the Baltic countries, Poland, Italy and further other regions. Right from the start of the integration, they were very open to developing the product together." added Tomas Zuoza, Chief Product Officer at ZealiD.


With TrustLynx’s expertise in trust services integration solutions and ZealiD’s experience in qualified electronic signature solutions with a focus for end-users, this partnership is set to bring a secure and seamless solution to embed qualified electronic signatures for companies and individuals. 


About TrustLynx: 

TrustLynx is an Estonian-based trust services provider, committed to making digital world more trusted and secure. TrustLynx specialize in simplifying the adoption of trust services for organizations and end-users, offering trust services such as e-identities, e-signatures, e-seals. For more information about TrustLynx, please visit


About ZealiD:

Founded in Sweden in 2018, ZealiD delivers the highest-regulated standard of digital identity in the EU, providing instant digital identification and authenticated personal eSignatures for businesses and end users. One of the most trusted providers in a rapidly-growing sector, ZealiD provides: Digital identification and personal eSignatures

ZealiD empowers citizens to safeguard and control their digital identity. Likened to a digital pen, ZealiD provides a unique EU-qualified service where a user can download an app, create a qualified identity and securely sign a digital document. For more information about ZealID, please visit 


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