ZealiD partners with Xaleon


23rd December 2020

ZealiD AB

Jakobsbergsgatan 16

Stockholm 111 44

ZealiD establishes new partnership with Xaleon


ZealiD has further expanded its presence in Europe through partnering with Xaleon. The Austrian digital engagement platform provides a software to support and empower organisations through focussing on seamless interactions with customers. 


'We’re delighted to partner with Xaleon and reach their digital-centric customer base. ZealiD’s core strengths revolve around ease-of-use and accessibility without compromising standard of security. The Xaleon partnership highlights an aligned view between industries on how digital interactions and identification should be frictionless between customers and companies.' - Philip Hallenborg, CEO of ZealiD.

Hallenborg added; 'Xaleon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into their customer engagement platform where ZealiD signatures fit nicely into the heart of most end-user signing and KYC journeys.'


Horst-George Fuchs, CSO of Xaleon, put forward Xaleon's view;

'At Xaleon, seamless integration and accessibility are central to our philosophy. ZealiD’s innovative approach to qualified digital signatures offers an unparalleled user-experience combined with the optimum degree of security. ZealiD’s solution ultimately contributes to our mission of creating a platform that mirrors in-person experiences to empower our clients in a hyperconnected world.'


ZealiD warmly welcome Xaleon to our community of partners.


For more information, please contact:

Philip Hallenborg | CEO, ZealiD | +46 768374200

Horst Fuchs | CSO, Xaleon | horst.fuchs@xaleon.com 


About Zealid: 

At the core of ZealiD is a belief that all global citizens in the future will have one or more digital certificates to represent their digital identity. With a digital certificate tied to a smartphone users can easily identify themselves, sign contracts and authenticate remotely.


Whereas Northern Europe has seen great success in certificate-based ID schemes, most of EU and the world’s citizens lack similar services. Physical contract signing and in-person registration for financial services is still the rule in the EU. Digitalization and Covid-19 pandemic means regulated industries are scrambling to solve remote identification, signing and strong authentication challenges.


With foresight the European Union  created the eIDAS regulation that built on the foundation of qualified certificates and signatures. A qualified signature is valid in all member state courts, all public member state authorities and functions as remote identification to fight anti-money laundering. 


ZealiD is Sweden’s first qualified trust service provider of qualified certificates and signatures (notified by PTS to the EU Trusted List). ZealiD is the first company globally to certify a machine based (non-video) remote registration process to persistent certificates with its ZealiD App. 


ZealiD’s  app brings digital identities to the masses by allowing over 450m citizens in the EU to remotely (no physical meetings needed) to create a personal qualified signature in less than 10 minutes. 


ZealiD has offices in Stockholm, Vilnius and is opening a third office in Frankfurt in 2020. ZealiD is backed by some of Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors including J12 Ventures, Collector Bank, NFT Ventures, and Almi Invest.