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Start signing with ZealiD qualified signature


Step one - registration process 

The registration process is very simple and usually takes up to 3 minutes. Check out this one-pager or watch the demo video. A quick overview of what to expect:

  1. Download the ZealiD app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Register your phone
  3. Do a video selfie
  4. Capture your document
  5. Check your details and sign the agreement!

Step two - document signing

Once your registration has been approved by our manual vetting team, you can start using your signature right away.   You can sign a document with My ZealiD on your phone or computer. Check out this one-pager for a better overview of what to expect or watch the step-by-step video. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I verify the signature?
If needed, you can validate the signature using Digital Signature Service (DSS) Demonstration WebApp or Adobe Signature Panel. You can learn more aboout it here.
How long is the signature valid?

The maximum validity time for signature is two years. 

What will happen after my signature expires?

Is the signed document still valid? Documents signed before the expiration date of your signature are still valid, but you will not be able to sign new ones. In that case, you should register once again to obtain a new and valid electronic signature.

Which identity documents can be used to register and obtain a ZealiD electronic signature?

ZealiD supports more than 150 documents for identity verification. The table below represents a list of supported documents (currently we support passports, ID cards and residence permits). There are certain rules which have to be followed in order to include the identity documents in the list. This means that there might be situations when a passport / ID card is not in the list, even though it is still valid in the country. Here is a full list.

Where is NFC located on my document?

PASSPORTS: NFC chips in passports usually are located on the front cover of the passport with several exceptions in different countries. E.g., an NFC chip in the American and Italian passports are inserted in the back...

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What document formats does ZealiD support for signing?

You can upload and sign PDFs.Please note that ZealiD does not support PDFs that are either password protected or contain attachments.

Can I print out an electronically signed document?

After printing out an electronically signed document, the printed version of that file becomes a copy of the original file, which is in an electronic form. This implies that after printing out an electronically signed document, the e-signature loses its validity. Consequently, we suggest keeping the signed file in its original electronic form. However, if you need to have a physical document proving that your e-signature is qualified and valid to use, you can go to the DSS Demonstration WebApp, upload the document that you have signed and then download the Validation Report which you can print out. For more information regarding the DSS Verification Tool, read How to verify whether the document is signed with e-signature?

Having trouble with registration or signing?

Contact our customer care specialists and they will be more than happy to help you!

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