2-in-1 with ZealiD APIs

Seamless KYC and qualified signing in your own app

  • Best-in-class identification user experience
  • Compliant AML identification in all of EU
  • Provide user with eIDAS advanced and qualified signing
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Integrated identification you can rely on

Integrated identification you can rely on

ZealiD APIs provide top-class remote user identification and match the highest level of compliance - eIDAS qualified. All inside your service.

Reusable identity for e-signing

ZealiD identity platform provides an EU identity - qualified certificate allowing your users to re-use it for signing and authentication.
E-signing and Authentication
Global coverage and validity

Global coverage and validity

Whether your clients are in Europe or in the US, ZealiD remote identification and signatures work just the same. All it takes to validate them is Adobe Reader and EU Trusted List.
EU AML compliant remote identity verification and e-signatures

Self-service registration for an EU compliant AML identification and signature



Step into the future of regulated user registration and e-signing

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