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Identity wallet (EUDI)

Employees and other users can use MyZealiD wallet to setup and control verified credentials. ZealiD manages identity verification and issues eIDAS regulated credentials. And then allows users to add and manage any verified credentials via e.g. Microsoft Entra. This allows enterprises to create state-of-the-art use cases in cross-domain environments. The future of employee experience delivered with MyZealiD Wallet and aligned with the future EUDI Wallet Architecture.

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Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a new way for Entra customers (Microsoft Azure Active Directory) to start exchanging Verified ID credentials. Microsoft Entra functions as an exchange for a verifier and an issuer.

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For verified credentials to be dispatched a user needs to actively authenticate for presentation or for downloading of one or more credentials. If credentials are downloaded, the user needs a way to actively manage credentials in a wallet. 


ZealiD is a regulated eIDAS identity providing a qualified certificate and signature. In addition, upon user consent, ZealiD already hosts ID Documents and extended credentials. ZealiD fills the void of “real identity” and allows the user to remotely authenticate with a regulated identity to download further credentials e.g. a Verified ID from an employer.


Remote digital employee experience - all things HR

Secure, certified device for remote authentication (eIDAS/ETSI)

User friendly EUDI ready wallet for credentials - decentralised

Allows enterprises to create true digital processes

Future steps

ZealiD will publish case studies and results shortly.

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