ZealiD files for PVID certification with French ANSSI


As one of the EU’s innovative trust service providers, ZealiD was the first company to eIDAS certify that a non-video method using open banking met the requirements of “physical presence”. ZealiD achieved this by adhering to EU state-of-the-art legislation in remote identification (German Vertrauensdienstegesetz, VDG).


ZealiD is now proud to announce that it is extending its certification compliance scope to French PVID. With German and French registration regulation as policy, including the emerging ETSI standard for identity proofing, ZealiD will have one of the most robust remote registration policies in the EU. Allowing for cross EU AML/CTF and eIDAS compliant cross-border transactions.


ZealiD customers can choose between using the standalone ZealiD service for advanced or qualified signing and EU wide compliant KYC registration. Or integrate the service as a state-of-the-art registration and esignature in any native app. 


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