Foxit partnership with ZealiD brings secure and fully remote signing cycles


As a qualified trust service provider, ZealiD stands for easy, borderless and eIDAS compliant remote signing. Finding partners who seek to elevate their user journeys with Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) is a big part of this mission. Our partnership with Foxit is a strong step forward, providing our clients with more ways to leverage the power of QES.

With +450.000 customers and +700M users globally, Foxit is the world's #2 PDF company. "In this regard, Foxit is the perfect partner for us. ZealiD integration adds the final piece to their user journeys, unlocking fully compliant QES signing of documents that users create and edit on Foxit’s desktop, mobile and cloud software", notes Sascha Pütz, SVP Sales at ZealiD.

As a concept, e-signing is not an entirely new tool on Foxit. Before ZealiD integration, users were able to sign documents with simple and advanced electronic signatures. Even so, the option of signing with QES raises the bar in terms of compliance and security. "We're very excited about this relationship with ZealiD. Thanks to their QES, our European customer base will now get a fully integrated solution to comply with eIDAS in Europe", adds Wim Temmerman, VP Sales EMEA at Foxit. With this integration, the upgraded e-signing solution will be available both via Foxit eSign and Foxit’s flagship product, PDF Editor. “Through this partnership, our customers can now leverage QES and identity authentication to protect the integrity of their signing flows and ensure compliance with eIDAS in the European Union”, confirms Mahender Bist, SVP eSign Genie at Foxit.

More than a functional match, ZealiD and Foxit also align in terms of core values. According to ZealiD's Sascha Pütz, customer focus is a core element on both sides. "Just like us, Foxit stands for fully remote solutions that come with seamless UX, easy onboarding, and intuitive user journeys", he stresses.

Unlocking streamlined signing cycles for Foxit users is a big step forward, and having approaching this partnership with matching intentions brings secure and fully compliant remote service with zero compromise on user experience. “The PDF format is ideal for eIDAS electronic signatures. With a ZealiD qualified signature applied to Foxit PDFs, the signed documents will now meet the highest global compliance and long term validation standards”, confirms Philip Hallenborg, CEO of ZealiD.