How to create a qualified electronic signature? ZealiD registration process


All qualified trust services must have a robust identification. Qualified certificates may only be issued remotely if the security is equal to that of physical presence. Registration methods need to be recognized in national law and there's no room for black box anymore.


ZealiD follows state-of-the-art EU law and we know that, for years, remote registration to the qualified levels of certificates has been very difficult. So this has been largely a process that requires appearing physically to collect hardware or even to activate the software. This is costly and, above all, it's user-unfriendly.
As we know, smart cards never much-charmed consumers and if we are serious about digital, remote, simple, fast, and inexpensive is key.

ZealiD is a pioneer in building innovative, machine-based methods to allow for self-service remote registration. One of our foremost innovations is that we were the first to conformity assess and certify an open banking-based method. The key benefits are:

  1. self-service,
  2. speed,
  3. low cost.

ZealiD's open banking-based registration allows for simple, very fast
and user-friendly registration in four comprehensive steps.

  1. The first step is to simply enter your email and phone number.
  2. The second is to select any bank in the menu in the EU and sign in to your account to get information about the account holder.
  3. The third step is to perform a liveness check to demonstrate live physical presence.
  4. And finally, the fourth step is to film an id card or - in the near future - hold it against your smartphone for so-called NFC/RFID reading. And this should take no more than 4 minutes.
ZealiD's software will make an initial assessment if the results are positive and if so, they will be sent to a ZealiD registration officer that will perform a number of security examinations and ultimately accept or, worst case, reject a user's application. We believe that all users shall have a choice. So as an integral part of the ZealiD app, we offer video conference as a secondary option. We will continue launching more methods to accommodate consumer preferences.

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