ZealiD launches a KYC extension for German Market in partnership with DocuSign


ZealiD, an EU qualified digital identity and eSignature provider, has expanded its two year partnership with DocuSign. The partnership is the result of years of successful co-selling and customer demand, and will now include resale of ZealiD app by Docusign to its incumbent and new customers. Developed specifically for the German market in alignment with the Anti Money Laundering Act (GwG), as set out by Germany’s financial regulatory authority, BaFin, ZealiD’s Know Your Customer extension is a major upgrade to the security and compliance capabilities of the DocuSign platform.


ZealiD’s latest integration allows DocuSign customers to adopt eIDAS qualified signatures for identification - a unique opportunity that no other EU-based e-Signature provider is offering at the moment, and which gives customers a seamless and efficient way to verify the identity of their signers.


This is the latest development in a partnership between ZealiD and Docusign that started in March 2021, to simplify the signing process for customers, using legally valid and secure online identification. This partnership has already unlocked enhanced capabilities and seamless integration of the ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) within the DocuSign platform, providing a comprehensive and secure solution for remote signing and identity verification. 


Philip Hallenborg, founder and CEO of ZealiD, said: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with DocuSign. This is a significant milestone for ZealiD, and a testament to the success of our co-selling efforts and the strong demand for our innovative product. With DocuSign’s global reach and expertise in the eSigning and agreement cloud market, we are confident that our partnership will further accelerate the adoption of both DocuSign offerings and the ZealiD QES, bringing secure and efficient eSignature solutions to more customers worldwide.” 


ZealiD app is a cutting-edge solution that allows users with a valid government identity document to remotely create an EU identity called a qualified certificate, from which they can generate legally binding eSignatures in the DocuSign platform. This innovative app offers state-of-the-art remote onboarding through any smartphone, providing users with a seamless and secure way to sign documents digitally, just like using a pen and paper with Docusign’s leading document signing and management platform.



For further information, please contact: Christina Rottmair, Speyside Corporate Affairs & Public Policy, christina.rottmair@speyside-group.com; +49 179 10 64 303



Founded in Sweden in 2018, ZealiD delivers the highest-regulated standard of digital identity in the EU, providing instant digital identification and authenticated personal eSignatures for businesses and end users. One of the most trusted providers in a rapidly-growing sector, ZealiD provides: 


Digital identification and personal eSignatures 

ZealiD empowers citizens to safeguard and control their digital identity. Likened to a digital pen, ZealiD provides a unique EU-qualified service where a user can download an app, create a qualified identity and securely sign a digital document.  


Secure ‘plug n play’ solutions 

ZealiD enables commercial partners and customers to incorporate the highest security regulated Qualified eSignatures into their digital interfaces and software platforms.

  • ZealiD is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider notified to the EU trusted list.
  • ZealiD abides to an information security policy based on eIDAS qualified trust services, eIDAS designated ETSI standards and state-of-the-art EU regulation on remote identification.
  • ZealiD is authorized by and under supervision of the Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority, and the Swedish Integrity Protection Authority.
  • Trust services are hosted off cloud in the EU and compliance with regulation, standards and policy is assessed yearly by leading accredited eIDAS conformity assessment body SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH.

ZealiD is proud to partner with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Foxit, Evidos, and Teamviewer. ZealiD customers include ABN Amro, Novum Bank and Cedarquist. 


Digital identity market

The global eSignature market was estimated to be worth 5.5 billion USD in October 2022, and is forecast to grow to 25.2 billion USD by 2027. A securely-authenticated, reliable, easy-to-use digital identification system is core to the EU digital identity framework, and is an increasingly essential requirement both for individuals and businesses.  Currently fewer than 5% of EU citizens have a compliant identity and Qualified eSignature. It is forecast the use of EU eSignatures will grow from 300 billion annually, to more than 4,000 billion in the next ten years.