ZealiD upgrades QES with Qualified Time Stamps


Starting today, all Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) generated with ZealiD's qualified certificates will carry a Qualified Time Stamp (QTS). It will serve as reliable proof to the relying party, indicating at what time an agreement was signed. Included with every signature free of charge, QTS will add trust value to high-risk and high-value commitments.

“ZealiD is the first Swedish company to achieve authorization from the Post & Telecoms Authority to issue qualified time stamps (QTS) according to the eIDAS regulation. It’s yet another milestone we are very proud of. ZealiD’s QTS status was formally approved and submitted to the EU trusted list on October 10th. With the QTS service, ZealiD is set to raise the security bar further, offering an even more visually compelling esignature validation experience” notes ZealiD's CEO and Founder Philip Hallenborg.

QTS is a major upgrade where state bodies are concerned. Although it is not formally required by eIDAS, some institutions already expect a QTS with every qualified signature they receive. Our product upgrade will bridge that gap, meeting even the highest security standards. An important point to note here is that qualified signatures issued before QTS launch date will not be updated automatically. In case a QTS is needed on a previously signed document, we recommend amending it in one of the following ways:

- Re-signing a legal agreement with ZealiD QES

- Referring to our support articles for advice on how to solve the issue with our mediation.

“We have been hard at work to provide best in class qualified signing experience for our users and customers. Not only have we delivered an industry first non-video registration, but also qualified signing secured with biometrics that is just button touch away. Today, we spearhead forward to bring even more value to our users and add qualified timestamps which will further decrease the friction of handling digital documents.” notes ZealiD's CPO Tomas Zuoza.

The addition of QTS is especially relevant to those who sign directly via ZealiD, not via our partner platforms. It also sets a new security standard for electronic signing as a service, positioning ZealiD as the only Swedish Trust Service Provider to offer QTS. Besides, it's certainly a step forward for us on an international scale, too. Integrating QTS in our QES service might be a starting point for venturing into Long Term Archival (LTA) in the near future.


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