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Remote identification and e-signature

E-Signing solution for financial services

  • Fast onboarding and smooth user experience
  • Fully remote customer engagement cycle
  • Future proof compliance
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Feel at ease with the ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and remote identification

Benefits for financial services

Customer experience plays an important role in essential moments, such as opening an account or applying for a loan. Boost it by offering quick, modern and easy digital onboarding with the ZealiD.

Secure customer onboarding

Remote signing and identification bring much more than quick onboarding. To financial service providers, adopting a Qualified Electronic Signature offers full compliance with eIDAS regulations. It guarantees and maintains full integrity of digital securities, mortgages and other high-value contracts over time.

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Excellent user experience

Our digital onboarding takes less than 3 minutes, showing an 85% success rate among first-time users. All they need to do is download the ZealiD app, register their device, take a selfie and capture their identity document. ZealiD will do the rest, whether it's our app or API/SDK integration in your service.

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Know your customer

Financial companies are typically required to collect personal information from consumers in order to ensure European banking transparency and prevent money laundering. With e-signatures and e-identification, it can be done quickly, securely, and most important - remotely.

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ZealiD qualified signature for solving financial services challenges

Financial services challenges

In the modern financial services industry, customer-centric means digital. That involves all layers of interaction - from acquiring and onboarding to serving users throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Acknowledging the importance of remote access, financial service providers focus on digital transformation, often missing the very first step - onboarding. This is because compliance - Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) in particular - plays an important role in many workflows, including customer enrollment or claim payments. It's no surprise that consumers find insurance applications more complicated and time-consuming than banking or credit card applications, for example.

A strategic approach to user verification will bring higher speed, quality and security to the onboarding phase. Our identity verification offering combines remote onboarding and full compliance, leveraging an existing network of verified electronic identities and partners that provide identity verification by capturing ID documents. Integrating identity verification in electronic signing will digitalize contract signing altogether, ensuring full compliance with requirements for consent signatures.

ZealiD signing tools for Financial Service providers

How ZealiD serves finance companies

Aligning our user-centric approach to high regulatory standards, we took on the challenge of helping one of Europe’s most innovative banks adopt qualified signing in B2B lending. Integrating ZealiD signing tools in Evidos - a platform their clients already know and use - we were able to deliver a smooth user experience, maintaining the highest security standards in the EU. In doing so, we also generated multiple commercial benefits, such as streamlined sales and signing cycles.

Frequently asked questions

What documents can be signed digitally?

The finance industry, like many other businesses, is more and more using electronic signatures. Below are some practical examples of when you might use a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES):

  1. Insurance policies
  2. Consumer credit agreement
  3. Mortgages
  4. Loan securities
  5. SEPA mandates
  6. Account or address change forms
  7. Other
How it works?

Delight your users with an instant in-app self-service registration that eliminates time-consuming in-person identification. All users have to do is:

  1. Download the ZealiD app or select the identification option inside your service
  2. Register the device with a phone number and email address
  3. Take a selfie - Perform a liveness check
  4. Capture an ID document
How does the signing journey look like?

The process differs slightly depending on the signing platform, but the principle remains simple. All the user has to do is open or upload the document into the signing platform e.g. My Zealid or DocuSign, review the document, scan the QR code, and sign using Face or Touch ID.

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What is ZealiD?


What is an eIDAS qualified electronic signature?


Why and when do I need to use an eIDAS advanced or qualified signature?


What are the benefits of a qualified electronic signature?


The legal relationship with ZealiD


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