Remote identification and e-signature

E-Signing solution for tenders

  • Sign offers in less than 10 mins
  • Suitable for public procurement
  • Cost-effective solution

Enable fast-track signing of purchase orders, service agreements and more

Activate your advanced or qualified certificate and sign documents using the ZealiD app within seconds. No special hardware needed - simply use your smartphone with Face or Touch ID.


Establish reliable legal commitments with suppliers from all EU

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, ZealiD takes full liability for compliance, identities and information security under EU authorization.


Enjoy smooth integration with major partner platforms

ZealiD signing tools go hand in hand with a seamless user experience. In our mission to provide easy access, ZealiD products are compatible with major platforms that you and your partners already know and use.

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Feel at ease with ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Improve procurement processes

Our qualified electronic signature solution allows you to manage signatures and approvals on all the most important procurement documents such as:

  1. Request for proposal (RFP)
  2. Request for information (RFI)
  3. Request for quote (RFQ)
  4. Purchase order (PO)
  5. Order confirmation (OC)
Tackle deadlines with confidence

Qualified signing for procurement operations

Procurement departments often use paper-based processes, which slow down the process and affect productivity. The fact that their employees spend too much time on administrative activities is a typical CPO complaint. Only procurement professionals understand the importance of meeting deadlines and recording/tracking purchase authorisations with full precision. Failing to do so may cut off access to important resources or lead to litigation, causing further operational and financial damages.

Procurement professionals strive for speed of execution, accountability, reduction of risk and costs, and simplification of processes. This is why more and more procurement managers are turning to digital alternatives. Using a digital procurement process reduces the complexity caused by paperwork, shortens the procurement lifecycle and increases the transparency of the process flow.

Legal department challenges1
Legal departments with the ZealiD
Adopting digital tools in procurement challenges

How ZealiD serves procurement departments

Approaching esigning from a user-centric perspective, we were able to craft a future proof solution for a large scale vendor. Integrating ZealiD signing tools in a platform this vendor already knew and used. It made for a smooth adoption, significantly cutting the length of signing cycles and granting full compliance with regulations EU-wide as an added benefit.

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