Qualified electronic signature for banking

Dutch Qualified Signing and eIDAS remote identification

ABN AMRO Bank is a major European banking group. The company is one of Europe’s most innovative banks embracing digital across multiple user journeys. The bank is moving to mitigate risks by adopting qualified signing in B2B lending. 


pain points

What were the challenges?

  • Poor user experience in getting remotely identified
  • Lack of solutions with simple user experience to qualified signing
  • Lack of solutions that work in all EU (NL, DE and FR)
  • Need to reduce sales and signing cycle with a fully digital service
ZealiD advanced electronic signature
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Core benefits include


We tackled these challenges by providing remote identification and qualified signing in the Evidos platform through the ZealiD app. Integration that matched with Evidos signing processes and was beneficial from multiple perspectives:

  • Fast, simple and comprehensive user registration in app;
  • All signing after registration with Touch and FaceID in app;
  • Fully integrated with Evidos signing processes;
  • Coverage of all nationalities in EU and further countries;
  • Sales and signing cycle reduced from weeks to days;
  • Fully compliant with risk and legal requirements (including Dutch BSN restrictions).

A technology you can trust

ZealiD is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider specialising in issuing Secure Electronic Signatures - Qualified Electronic Signatures. These are recognised within EU Member States as legally binding.

ZealiD is certified as a Registration Authority, meaning that we provide remote identification services. Learn more about what is a secure electronic signature.

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