Remote identification and e-signature

Simplify Document Signing Workflows with Foxit and QES by ZealiD

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Adopt eSignatures your way

Customize the look and feel of your signing platform to match the essence of your organization. Leverage the enterprise API and tens of integrations to work seamlessly across your product stack.


Optimize your workflows

Whether you are preparing one-off agreements on Foxit PDF Editor or automating the collection of thousands of signatures, adopting e-signatures will save valuable time and money from day one.


Achieve the highest level of compliance

ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signatures ensure the highest level of fidelity, traceability and compliance with eIDAS throughout the European Union.

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Better user experience means less friction and shorter completion times

Thanks to the joint Foxit eSign and ZealiD solution, preparing a document for QES signing takes as little as three minutes. And to sign? As little as three clicks.

How does the signing journey look?


How long does integration take?

On average, Foxit enterprise customers are fully migrated and onboarded within as little as four weeks from our first conversation.

How does identification work?

Delight your users with instant self-service registration based in our app:

  1. Download the ZealiD app or select the identification option inside your service
  2. Register your device with a phone number and an email address
  3. Do a liveness check by taking a selfie
  4. Capture your ID document
  5. Check your details and sign the agreement
How ZealiD suits Financial Services

Wondering when to use qualified electronic signature (QES)?

Legal department challenges1
ZealiD powered by Foxit

The highest level of Security and Compliance

Foxit eSign services are performed from AWS ANSI Tier-4 (SOC2 Type 2) data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. All data transmissions are performed under strict 256-bit AES encryption. Foxit eSign is compliant with GDPR, eIDAS, PCI DSS, and CFR 21 Part 21. ZealiD is in the European Union’s Trusted List for QES.

User read/write permissions and document retention/deletion policies can be set up within your instance. Executed documents can be sent to a remote server and deleted from the cloud automatically.

ZealiD powered by Foxit

How does the integration process work?

After an initial call, our in-house Solutions team will set you up with a full trial of the joint Foxit + ZealiD solution. Foxit offers the most comprehensive pre- and post-sales support in the industry with a Solutions team in your timezone that is committed to making your proof of concept successful.

A typical proof of concept with Foxit eSign + QES by ZealiD takes about two weeks.

Integrated identification you can rely on

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