First QTSP on EU Trusted List with a certified non-video method to qualified signatures


Stockholm, Vilnius 2020.


Following the approval of the Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority on September 10th, Swedish ZealiD AB is the first company globally to certify a remote issuing method of eIDAS qualified certificates ready for remote qualified signing based on a non video solution. 

ZealiD is pioneering eIDAS Trust services by providing ZealiD app which contains both an eIDAS article 24 certified remote registration (certified by TüviT - Conformity Assessment Body) with a qualified certificate authority (ZealiD QTSP CA). 

The remote registration that resides in ZealiD app is a 3 minute self service certified method that is the result of innovation in the field of open banking, liveness technology and ID document analysis in a machine-assisted manual vetting system. 

ZealiD App allows any EU citizen to sign any document in less than 10 minutes with a qualified electronic signature. All member state courts and all public authorities are mandated by law (eIDAS) to accept the ZealiD qualified signature as handwritten. The ZealiD qualified electronic signature, including detailed user data, also serves as a compliant "KYC" in all EU member states' money laundering acts.

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