ZealiD QES now available direct from Adobe


ZealiD, a Sweden-based Qualified Trust Service Provider, has announced a new resale agreement with Adobe Acrobat Sign, the global electronic signature platform trusted by more than 300,000 brands around the world, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies. Under this agreement, Adobe can now resell access to ZealiD Qualified Certificates and Qualified Electronic Signing to Adobe Acrobat Sign Enterprise customers.

As the most secure kind of signature under the EU's eIDAS regulation, with the greatest legal weight, QES is the go-to option for high-risk transactions and legal commitments, particularly in highly regulated industries such as Healthcare and Life Sciences and Financial Services. QES is accepted in all member states as fully binding and equal to a handwritten signature. Due to an extensive regulatory framework, QES is easy to validate and is accepted by all courts and public authorities. 

The new announcement makes it simpler for Adobe Acrobat Sign customers to access ZealID's state-of-the-art QES user journeys - which take advantage of advances in mobile computing, biometric AI and secure identity cards - and innovative new pricing model, which charges customers on a per signature basis.


“Adobe is committed to helping Enterprise customers and their users acquire user-friendly and secure eIDAS qualified signatures that are fully integrated in the Adobe Acrobat Sign experience,” notes Lead Program Manager, International Identity John Jolliffe. 

“With this partnership, ZealiD is further establishing its qualified signatures as key components in state-of-the-art enterprise digital use cases in finance and HR. Thanks to a fully integrated end-to-end qualified signing process, joint Adobe Acrobat Sign and ZealiD customers will quickly benefit from excellent user experience, compliance and reduction in signing time and cost,” adds ZealiD’s Founder and CEO Philip Hallenborg.

Ultimately, this partnership will make Adobe Acrobat Sign user journeys faster and simpler than ever before, offering intuitive and fully remote signing with zero compromise on security and global compliance. 

About ZealiD
ZealiD is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider notified to the EU trusted list. Following a free and instant in-app registration, ZealiD App enables all global citizens to become digitally included, empowered and engaged with the wholly grail of identity - the eIDAS qualified certificate and signature. It’s an expression of will and identity that all EU member state courts, public authorities, and anti-money laundering KYC regulations are mandated to accept.


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