Moblie Passport

Simple for User, Low Cost, Compliant in all EU

First certified non video based remote identity verification to eIDAS qualified level:

  • 3 minute self-service by User to get qualified signature
  • Supports 21 languages
  • Address 26 EU countries with one solution
  • Secure strong authentication and signing
  • AML and KYC compliant in all EU member states
  • Bundesnetzagentur VDG 11§ Conformant
  • AML-CFT, GDPR & PSD2 Compliant

Electronic Signatures. Future of KYC.


Remote Registration with qualified signature -  Compliant in all EU

ZealiD's eIDAS and ETSI certified system contains three modules: 


Trusted Data

As a licensed Account Information Service Provider under PSD2 we ask the user to authenticate to a trusted account and share their data with us. 


See List of Banks

Liveness & Selfie

We ask users to be physically present when registering. We use advanced machine technology to check liveliness and extract a user photo.

See Documentation

Machine & Manual

Machine validation of over 90 ID documents with proprietary technology. Machine and manual vetting of kinetic features. 


Supported Documents

Complete Customer Profile


Bank Data

  • Name(s)
  • Personal Identifier(s)
  • Registered Address
  • Proof of First Transfer
  • eBankstatement
  • Transaction data

ID Document 

  • OCR and MRZ
  • Name
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • ID Document Copy


  • ID Document Visual
  • ID Texts
  • Bank Data Cross Match
  • ID Photo - Selfie Scoring
  • Manual Vetting of Secure Elements


  • Control Panel Access
  • Signed ID Documents
  • eBankstatements
  • Signed customer contracts

The future of Identity verification



eIDAS eSignature is the new KYC


Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

EU member states have harmonized anti-money laundering legislation. However, accepted methods of remote identity verification differ between member states. All member states have introduced eIDAS advanced or qualified electronic signatures as compliant means of remote identification. These signatures are defined in eIDAS and under ETSI standards

All EU Member states accept eIDAS signatures as compliant remote identity verification. eSignatures are accepted for legally binding contracts and meet strong authentication requirements. 

Delight your users

With ZealiD you will acquire a standards based infrastructure to power your user journeys:

ZealiD allows you to offer your customers to:

  • eSign contracts with iOS/Android Touch or FaceID - accepted in all EU courts and public authorities
  • Sign-in to any service with Touch or FaceID, PSD2 and GDPR compliant
  • Register with a certified remote self care method in 3 minutes, accepted by all EU financial authorities as compliant KYC



eIDAS Trust Services

The EU Regulation N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation) provides a predictable regulatory environment to enable secure and seamless electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

eSignatures provided to your users by ZealiD are accepted by all EU courts of law, public authorities and financial supervisory authorities. 

Users love ZealiD.

Frequently Asked Questions - ZealiD Customers

We offer you free registration if you in return use ZealiD App or App SDK for contract and transaction signing, and for sign-in/authentication. If you choose custom solutions these are charged at market rates (e.g. ID document API).

Signing is allowing ZealiD users to sign contracts or transactions with you using the ZealiD app. In practice, it means signing a document (e.g. pdf) or a hash.

We identify the natural person and issue an advanced (and soon qualified) signature to the person. This follows strict legislation and standards. Signing on a screen does not provide any meaningful level of assurance in identification.

Demonstrating identity. Once a customer has registered in ZealiD App, the App forms a very strong public key infrastructure based device for authentication. Using Face or TouchID in our app, the user can sign-in or identify themselves in many different types of use cases.

Typically 3 minutes.

26 countries and growing (EU). Please refer to our coverage documentation.

We heavily rely on our machine processes but it is a hybrid process. We have trained manual vetting staff that performs certain critical tasks. Please refer to our ZealiD TRA Service white paper.

Approximately 350 million EU consumers.

We cover 300 banks in the EU. We use either direct access (screen scraping) or aggregators to access bank data (AIS).

Access to a trusted account (bank) and an official government-issued ID document.

We can provide a certified video conference. Contact

It is designed to meet the eIDAS level substantial. It is safer than a video conference because it uses dual identification sources (one bank based) including a remote authentication method already held by the natural person.

Simply put, Liveness is to determine that there is a real human in front of the smartphone camera. Please refer to the ZealiD Liveness white paper.

Please refer to the ZealiD ID Document API white paper.

In principle any. We support over 80 document types today (see coverage). We can custom configure any ID document with proprietary technology in a matter of hours.

Yes. As opposed to many providers in the market, ZealiD pays liabilities per electronic signature that is false. This is required by law.

Yes. Our insurance policies are required by law. They are posted on ZealiD Repository.

We answer to four main authorities: Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (PSD2) Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority (eIDAS) Swedish Data Protection Authority (GDPR) Our Common Assessment Criteria Body (CAB)

Yes. All businesses have natural persons that hold legal rights to represent the company. You can use ZealiD and match the customer identity with the company register.

Yes, via a preferred partner - Equiniti Group PLC. Contact


We offer qualified electronic signatures.

Yes, we issue remote electronic signatures.

There are different ways. Easiest is to send a pdf or a hash to our signing service. You will receive the signature in a pADES format.

Please refer to

For a standard integration, it should take 3-5 man days of development, integration, and testing?

Please refer to our KYC guide.


Yes. ZealiD is authorized under the Swedish implementation of PSD2 as an account information service provider. Please refer to the Swedish Financial Authority Register.

Please refer to our repository. eIDAS, ETSI and ISO are the main standards packages.

Yes. The ZealiD strong authentication service is based on ISO

Yes. Best is to use the ZealiD App SDK inside the ASPSP app.

ZealiD AB is a Swedish limited liability company. We have offices in Stockholm and Vilnius.

ZealiD is owned by the founder, management, private investors, Collector Ventures (Collector Bank), NFT Ventures and Almi Invest (Swedish State).

ZealiD App and App SDK provide a trusted service under eIDAS. As such our duties according to legislation and standards make us the data controller. For other customer services, we often act as a data processor.

All data is stored in ISO 27001 certified EU based data hosting facilities. We employ high-security standards such as BSI C5 to cloud subcontractors. ZealiD has a proprietary Certificate Authority function operating from a sole control environment. Please refer to ZealiD repository and QeID practice statements.

Please refer to the TRA service practice statement, TRA service terms and conditions, QeID practice statement, published under eIDAS and ETSI standards.