"Unlock the web for trusted users" 

ZealiD was built for you, for your digital needs and for you to realize your digital aspirations. 

ZealiD is an electronic signature. Or put more simply - it is the ultimate expression of your will and your identity in the digital world. The only one you will ever need. Accepted by all public authorities in the EU. All courts in the EU. And admissible as compliant identification for any licensed bank or financial provider in the EU.

Abiding to the latest standards and regulation on identification and authentication (eIDAS regulation and ETSI standards),  ZealiD serves natural persons and businesses alike as a certified Trust Service Provider.

At the very core of what we do is our commitment to meet the highest information security and compliance requirements as publicly documented in our practice statements. Our practice statements are assessed for conformity with applicable regulation and standards by two separate DAkkS accredited conformity assessment bodies - TüvIT and SRC Security.

And for your piece of mind, ZealiD is under the supervision of the Swedish Post & Telecoms Authority, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Data Protection Officer). 

ZealiD provides transparency, inclusion, choice and opportunity for everyone, and should sit right next to your heart. 

Welcome to the ZealiD circle of trust. 

Philip Hallenborg, Founder