Remote identification and e-signature

E-signing solution with TeamViewer Engage

  • Video consultations and remote signing
  • Fully remote customer service
  • Secure and user-centric approach
zealid and teamviewer engage
Enjoy easy QES integration in teamviewer engage

Fully digital, functional and secure customer engagement platform

TeamViewer Engage is rich with E2E and Point solutions. Together, these features fully digitalize all B2C in-person sales and service interactions between businesses and their customers. Having a remote connection in a personalized, online space saves time for everyone involved, fully substituting physical meetings and cutting waiting times.


From mortgage calculator to contract signature

Uplift online mortgage sales with an all-in-one solution that supports your customers from the very first interaction, guiding them all the way through to seamless form filling and contract signing. It also addresses legal concerns, running a full KYC check during an enhanced Video Consultation.


Boost customer care with a 93% uplift in FCR

Your banking portal and app serve your customers’ on a daily basis. Self-service is the way to go – but what happens when they need help? Layer our Customer Care solution with Co-Browsing in your digital banking applications and connect to your customers anywhere, at any time.


Replicate your in-branch sales online

From credit cards to insurance, successfully sell your products in a remote setting. Reflect your sales and consultation models through a feature-rich platform, allowing your sales team to cross-sell, upsell, retain and open new accounts in the same way they would face-to-face.

ZealiD remote signing tools

Future proof road to compliance and data security

Adopt ZealiD digital certificates in TeamViewer Engage to unlock secure advanced or qualified e-signatures faster and easier than ever before.

How does identification work?

Delight your users with instant self-service registration based in our app:

  1. Download the ZealiD app or select the identification option inside your service
  2. Register your device with a phone number and an email address
  3. Do a liveness check by taking a selfie
  4. Capture your ID document
  5. Check your details and sign the agreement
How long does integration take?

Integration of ZealiD with TeamViewer Engage is available within minutes. However, depending on the specifics and needs of your business, it may take longer.

How ZealiD suits Financial Services
ZealiD powered by teamviewer engage

E-Signatures and video consultations. What can financial institutions learn?

Learn how e-signatures and video consultations can help your business build better, more trusting relationships with your customers.

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